Body Treatments

St Tropez Tan (1 hour) | St Tropez Spray Tan (30mins)
More options will be brought out at a later date, please enquire.

Spa Sensation Sugar Scrub

Cleansing, peeling and conditioning in one all-round sweet experience.
Leaving your body velvety soft. (45 mins)

Futur-tec Skin Regeneration
Futur-tec heralds the dawn of the new face-age.
Promising to effectively and painlessly tackle harsh face
and body imperfections such as wrinkles, cellulite and acne.
Combining laser, microcurrent, ultrasound and vacuum in one
state-of-the-art treatment.

Face or Body (1 hour)

Body Wraps

Bust Treatment
Ideal lifting treatment with an intensive skin care effect. (45 mins)
Milk Honey
Leaves skin firm and velvety soft. (1 hour)
Cooling Silk Pack
Calm your sensitive or sun-stressed skin. (1 hour)
Aroma Algae
Firms contours and detoxifies your body. (1 hour)
A wonder weapon against lumps and bumps. (45 mins)
Fitness Wrap
Detoxifying and guaranteed inch loss. (2 hours)

For an extra bonus add this to any body treatment;

Aroma therapy steam & power shower
Can also be a single treatment (30 mins)


Indian Massage
Indian Head Massage (45 mins)
Back, Neck and Shoulders (30 mins) | Full Body (1 hour)
Deep Tissue
Back, Neck & Shoulders (30 mins) | Deep Tissue - Full Body (1 hour)
Hot Stone Massage
The Hot Stone massage is a must for those that want the
ultimate relaxing and balancing massage, just don’t plan to
do anything after it. (11/2 hours)

All essential oils are chosen to suit the body’s individual needs.

Full Body
This treatments requires a free consultation. (11/2 hours)

This treatment is done by working on reflex points on the feet,
stimulating the body and mind according to the area worked on.

Please ask for more details. (45 mins)